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Community EPIC Stakeholder Groups

Community EPIC Stakeholder Groups are made up of individuals who live and/or work in a community and are actively involved in the continued development of that community including eradicating challenges to school attendance and performance. Recognizing that truancy is generally a symptom of other problems occurring for the family such as of poverty, lack of family cohesion, child abuse/neglect, community violence and/or behavioral and physical health problems, stakeholder groups are committed to addressing challenges facing the community.

Stakeholder groups are facilitated by truancy prevention provider agencies. They meet monthly and utilize a process called Equal Partnership In Change ( EPIC) to develop and implement action plans that complement and enhance the community's assets. They also have the opportunity to receive community development funds and technical assistance and training to facilitate, organize, develop and implement action plans.

What do EPIC stakeholders do?

  • Attend and support various community meetings and events
  • Facilitate the development of pro-active relationships between informal and formal support networks in the neighborhood.
  • Actively advocate for school attendance
  • Build partnerships between community residents, the family court, law enforcement and the school district
  • Identify, organize, enhance and utilize community resources and assets
  • Identify and support the informal support network
  • Develop programs that reduce and eradicate the challenges to school attendance
  • Provide individual support to families of truant children
  • Develop proposals for community development funds
  • Attend trainings in team building, budget development and action planning

Groups and Facilitators

There are ten stakeholder groups in Philadelphia:

Facilitators: Lincoln Family Center, Frankford Community Development Center, Nationalities Service Center

West Philadelphia
Facilitators: Children Services Inc. and Youth Services Inc.

Southwest Philadelphia
Facilitators: Children Services Inc. and Presbyterian Children’s Village

William Penn
Facilitators: Women’s Christian Alliance and Friends Neighborhood Guild, Philadelphia Anti- Drug/Anti-Violence Network

Central North
Facilitators: Northern Children's Services

Facilitators: Germantown Settlement, Women’s Association for Women’s Alternatives (WAWA) and Northern Homes

Facilitators: Congreso de Latinos Unidos

South Philadelphia
Facilitators: United Communities Southeast Philadelphia (UCSP) and South East Asian Mutual Assistance Association Coalition (SEAMAAC)
Hunting Park

Logan/Olney Family Center

Contact Information
For more information or to join a stakeholder group in your community, call 215-683-4026 or 215-683-4027.

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