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Strawberry Mansion Family Center

Lorna Best, Director
Blaine School
30th & Berks Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19121
(215) 684-8924 (Main)
(215) 763-2602
(215) 763-2665 (Fax)

Karen Jackson, Principal
(215) 684-5085

  • After School Program
      Serves: Ages 6-18
      Max. Served: 40 (20 aged 6-12 and 20 aged 13-18)
      Hours: M-F 3:00-6:00, October-June
      Activities: Tutoring, homework assistance, music, dance, technology, support groups. Snacks provided.
  • Positive Child and Youth Development
      Serves: Ages 13-18
      Max. Served: 20
      Hours: Mondays 3:15-5:00
      Location: Diamond Street Community Center
      Services: Cultural enrichment, recreation, Positive Paths curriculum, community service activities, field trips.

  • Information, Referral and Linkage
      Serves: Adults and families in Strawberry Mansion area.
      Max. Served: 100
  • Case Management
      Serves: Adults 18 and older
      Max. Served: 35 families
  • Parent Education: Focus on Fathers
      Serves: Men ages 18 and older (fathers, grandfathers and other male caretakers and their children.
      Max. Served: 153 Men
      Hours: September-June, various hours depending on activity
      Services: Workshops, peer support, recreational and social activities, case management.
  • Site Specific Programs: Family Fun Night
      Serves: Families in the Strawberry Mansion area
      Max. Served: 25 families
      Hours: 4th Wednesday of the month, 6:00-9:00, October -June
      Activities: Family outings and holiday activities.
  • Site Specific Programs: Immunizations
      Serves: Ages 5-7 enrolling in Blaine School
      Max. Served: 50
      Hours: September, prior to start of school year.
      Services: Immunizations provided by a nurse from PHMC. Parents referred to District Health Center or other providers for follow-up and health related concerns.

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