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The Philadelphia Department of Human Services mission is to provide and promote safety and permanency for children and youth at risk of abuse, neglect and delinquency. Our goal is to strengthen and preserve families while empowering them to make choices that lead to safety, stability and well being. We partner with communities, providers, advocates and each other to develop and deliver preventative and culturally appropriate services that are consistent with the needs of Philadelphia’s diverse communities.

Core Values

Safety: We respond urgently and appropriately to protect children and youth from abuse and neglect.

Permanency: We foster and cultivate lifelong connections to family and community, which are crucial for childhood development and transition to adulthood.

Well Being: We provide services that promote healthy physical, social, educational and emotional development.

Respect: We value each other, families, children and community partners. We provide culturally sensitive services and treat families with dignity and compassion.

Competence: We are committed to upholding standards of best practice; ongoing skill development and services and supports necessary to respond to the challenging needs of families and advances in the field of social work.

Team Work: We encourage open communication and work with communities to resolve issues.

Accountability: We strive to be caring and competent by making decisions openly, while providing quality services and managing public resources efficiently.

Transparency: We maintain an open dialogue with the public, providers and our staff regarding practices, standards and outcomes.

Communication: We are responsive to clients and partners; proactive in addressing concerns and diligent about providing information to the public, families and other stakeholders.

Trust: We cultivate an environment of honesty and integrity while maintaining the highest level of professional conduct, honesty and integrity.

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