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Support Community Outreach Programs

The Support Community Outreach Program (SCOP) provides small grants ($1500-$10,000) to supplement community-based groups in their efforts to provide programs and services to children and youth. The programs offer recreational, cultural, educational and social service activities designed to prevent child abuse and juvenile delinquency and enhance the quality of family life. Over 50,000 youth benefit from SCOP-funded activities.

Program Goals

  • To improve the living experiences of children, youth and families and to stabilize and strengthen the family and community by developing productive programs.
  • To prevent child abuse, neglect and delinquency as well as reduce the alienation of youth from the community.
  • To enable neighborhood groups and organizations to serve youth more effectively, particularly in neighborhoods that have high instances of poverty, substance abuse, crime and truancy.
  • To promote collaborative relationships between funded neighborhood groups, the Department of Human Services and other public agencies providing services to youth.

Types of Programs

In fiscal year 2003, SCOP programs were divided into three categories:
  • Summer Programs (July-September)
  • Year Round Programs (July-June)
  • Prevention Referral Programs

Types of programs include:
  • Day Camps or other activities that are aimed at personal enrichment, self awareness, educational improvement, socialization and nutrition and provide for proper supervision, guidance and safety of children and youth.
  • Activities such as sports teams that develop leadership and skills needed for daily living
  • Language Arts Reading Camps
  • Summer Youth Recreation Camps
  • Community Improvement Programs aimed at providing vocational training
  • Cultural enrichment programs
  • Recycling and Community Enhancement Programs.

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