About Here to Help

Governor Rendell launched HereToHelp.pa.gov in December as a new online resource that will make it easier for citizens to find the resources they need through existing government programs to help make ends meet during the economic crisis.

The Here to Help Web site puts many beneficial programs under one umbrella, making it easier for families to locate the resources that can get them through this tough time.

Pennsylvanians can find resources grouped by the following topics: employment, family services, housing, older Pennsylvanians, and economic development.

  • The Employment section is there to help the many people who are experiencing lay-offs or losing their jobs.

  • The page provides information on the recent expansion of unemployment services, including extended call-in hours and increased levels of staff to help claimants. Visitors can also find a link to file an unemployment compensation claim online, which is the most convenient and efficient way to do so.

    Parents can find information on enrolling their children in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or themselves in the Adult Basic health insurance program. There is a waiting list for adults, but once you are on the waiting list you are able purchase coverage for $305.

    Addition information is available for job training and job opportunities.

  • The Family Services section includes a wide range of resources including the resources available for food for women and children, health care for the neediest Pennsylvanians, and even tips for those who wish to quit smoking.

  • Don’t forget, now is a great time to check with the State Treasury to see if you or your relatives have any unclaimed property waiting to be claimed. A link is provided at HereToHelp.pa.gov

  • The Housing section is a place to go for help in lowering and paying your heating bills, tips to better manage your money, and mortgage assistance.
  • The Older Pennsylvanians should be a destination for seniors looking to sign-up for Pennsylvania’s prescription drug program, PACE or PACE net or the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program. More than 110,000 seniors have had their property taxes eliminated in Pennsylvania, but thousands of yet to sign up for their rebate.
  • Economic Development section includes information to help business owners weather this economic downturn, including information on grant and loan programs.